Find Better Talent

Sales managers spend a lot of time interviewing potential candidates.  The unfortunate thing is that most of this time is wasted because the interview process isn’t effective.  What I mean is that the interview itself is often canned and a true feel for the candidate is not received.

How can we make it more effective?

Some things are better than others.

Their personality is better than yours:  I don’t mean this in true fashion.  What I mean is that managers inadvertently look for people who act and have the same background as them.  This is often a mistake as the only person who can be you is you.  Just because a candidate doesn’t have the same work experience, doesn’t mean they won’t be a killer employee.



Work Hard AND Smart

Mike Dunlap, coach of the Charlotte Bobcats, had an interesting quote.  He said, “Back in the day, hard work used to be a given, now its a talent”.

In sales, if you don’t have hard work, you’re not going to be successful.  Therefore, if you’re not top of the charts in effort metrics, you shouldn’t read the rest of this post.  This post is to help hard workers maximize their efforts.

This is not to be confused for a short cut.  This is to be used to enhance your efforts to make them more effective. (more…)

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