Time to Self Motivate, Double Down Effort, and Work Smart

Ever find yourself in a sales rut?  You’ve been cruising along putting up numbers but then suddenly your pipeline is empty.

Often times it is the successful salespeople who get stuck in neutral first.  They believe that they can kick it into high gear later on, but a majority of the time this simply backfires and they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the pack.  This is how a top salesperson turns into a mediocre one…they put themselves in neutral and they don’t take advantage of every opportunity. (more…)


Create an All-Star Roster

Every person who works in sports tends to loves sports and most think they can be a general manager.  They read the sports pages and talk around the cooler about how lousy of a job the local team’s general manager is doing.

Think further about this.  If you are a hiring manager, aren’t you, in essence doing the same job as a sports general manager?  You are managing a roster of people who have a common task to achieve, right?  Haven’t you made that “can’t miss” hire who interviewed well but didn’t deliver on the (sales) floor?  And if you have a stingy HR department that is over processed, you may as well be working with contracted employees since you can’t move on the bad ones.  Seems like you might be stuck with the roster that you drafted (hired).  You’re doing the same job just in a different function, look at it that way and it’s not so easy to be a general anymore huh?

If you can avoid the Jamarcus Russell picks while assembling a mix of superstars along with some role players, you’ll be set.  Just like any GM would.  There are some tips to help avoid these pitfalls, read below. (more…)

You are a Brand, Control It

I’m sick of hearing salespeople, or just employees for that matter, play the blame game.  They blame their spouse, they blame their leads, they blame their territory, they blame their employer, and so on.  In essence, they hold everyone else accountable except for themselves.  They blame others for their failure or mediocrity.  They let others dictate their brand.

Believe it or not, you are a brand.  Sometimes it’s referred to as a reputation when speaking to a person, but I believe that it’s bigger than that.  I believe that people are a brand that can add value to themselves regardless of the situation.

You build a solid brand by making yourself better, by accomplishing tasks, and by building a reputation as an expert.  You can’t do it by sitting in your cubicle, so get busy with the steps below. (more…)

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