New Year, New Goals

It’s now the end of January and you should have had time to reflect on your achievements from the past year.  If you’re still reflecting, now is the time to stop.  The top producers forget about the past and are always moving forward toward the future.  They are not content with past success or past earnings, they simply know that the revenue must keep coming in for them to earn commissions and eventually get promoted.

My new year’s advice is: 

Take your commissions and don’t complain:  You earn commissions and bonuses for the sales that you make.  Do not complain about your earnings because you control what you earn.  You didn’t earn what you wanted to because you didn’t sell enough.  Want to earn more?  Work harder, more efficiently, and sell more.

What have you done for me lately?:  Did you hit your goal last season?  Great, that means that you have earned top commissions and additional job security.  What it doesn’t mean is that you have earned a promotion or that you can now coast and be #2 or #3 on the board.  You need to keep producing in order to keep the paychecks rolling in and to show that you are not a flash in the pan.

Don’t get upset if you weren’t promoted:  Like I mentioned, you get a paycheck for putting up numbers and you earn good commission (and maybe a bonus) for hitting goal.  That means you were compensated for hitting goal, which also means that you do not automatically qualify for a promotion.  You get a paycheck for doing your job, you get promoted for going above and beyond.  This means that you must put up good numbers, consistently, and

Leaders get promoted to management:  When you’re a seller you worry about yourself, when you’re a manager you worry about everything…while earning less money.  Just because you’re a top producer doesn’t mean that you’re ready for management.  Show that you can be a top producer and a leader.  If you are a team player, lead by example, and put up numbers, you’ll get your shot at management.

Do it again:  If you had a good year, do what you must to repeat it.  Keep out working your co-workers, maintain a positive attitude, and do not get caught up on the items that I mentioned above.

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